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Chasseur of the Old Guarddownload
Imperial Guard. Guard Chasseur a cheval, Austerlitzdownload
1st Chasseurs of the Old Guard in battle at Waterloodownload
Line infantry grenadiersdownload
Line Infantry. Voltigeurs.download
Foot Dragoonsdownload
Horse Grenadiersdownload
Horse Gendarmesdownload
Cuirassiers at Waterloodownload
1-st Cuirassiers at attackdownload
6-th Cuirassiers at Waterloodownload
7-th Cuirassiersdownload
10-th Cuirassiersdownload
1-st Horse Artillery Regimentdownload
1-st Carabiniers at attackdownload
Elite Gendarmesdownload
Horse Grenadiers at attackdownload
Light cavalry officers (Hussars)download
Tiralieurs Corsesdownload
1-st regiment of Portugal legiondownload
Napoleon Bonapart’s Guidesdownload
4-th Chevaulegersdownload
General staffdownload
Israel Corpsdownload
Mamelukes at Austerlitzdownload
Mamelukes at Austerlitz. Part 2download
Guard Horse Grenadiers at Austerlitz and Eylaudownload
Cavalry at Austerlitzdownload
French infantry at Austerlitzdownload
Dragons de l’Imperatrice at Waterloodownload
Napoleon staffdownload
Napoleon marinedownload
Hussars (Officer, piper, private)download
Horse Grenadiers at attackdownload
Young Guard artillerydownload
Line infantrydownload
Light infantry sappeurdownload
1-st Colonial batalliondownload
Croatian infantrydownload
Cavalry at battledownload
Sappeurs of the Old Guarddownload
Line and Light Infantrydownload
1-st Carabiniersdownload
Dragoons at attackdownload
3-rd Cavalry Regiment (Republic)download
Imperial Guard. Guard Chasseur a cheval in combatdownload
Bearers of the Imperial Guarddownload
Lithuanian tartarsdownload
18th Line Infantrydownload
Chasseurs of the Light infantrydownload
Hussards de la Mort (Hussars of Death)download
Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard at paradedownload
Various standard bearers of French alliesdownload
Nevshatel batalliondownload
Light cavalry (foot hussars)download
Holland 2nd Lancersdownload
Horse Grenadiers at attackdownload
Mounted Rifles Regiments at attackdownload
Swiss regimentdownload
Guard chasseur a cheval, parade uniformdownload
Guard horse grenadiers, parade uniformdownload
Dragoons of Empress, parade uniformdownload
Elite gendarmes, parade uniform, on sentrydownload
1-st Carabiniers at attackdownload
Imperial Guard in firedownload
Line and Light Infantry (1805-07)download
Hussars 1792-98download
Light Infantrydownload
Grenadier-fusiliers (Young Guard)download
96-th line Demi-brigadedownload
18-th Line Demi-brigadedownload
9-th demi-brigadedownload
40-th Line demi-brigadedownload
17-th Light demi-brigadedownload
29-th Light demi-brigadedownload
au-135c Austrian hussars. Regiment No.7 Lichtensteindownload
au-141c Austrian hussarsdownload
au-147c Austrian hussarsdownload
au-158i Infantry on the marchdownload
au-159i Infantrydownload
au-160i Infantrydownload
au-134c Austrian hussarsdownload
German Duchies:ge-143i Kleve-Berg contingent download
ge-144i Hessen-Darmstadt contingentdownload
45-i Saxen – Koburg – Zaalfelddownload
46-i Grenadiers, 2-nd regimentdownload
47-i Jagers - Carabiniersdownload
48-i Brunswickdownload
49-i Bayern 11-th Infantry Regimentdownload
51-i Guards jagersdownload
we-81i Jaegersdownload
sa-130i Saxon infantrydownload
sa-183c Saxon Cuirassiersdownload
sa-184c Saxon Cuirassiersdownload
wu-146i Wurtemberg contingentdownload
Great Britain:gb-84c. 1-st Royal Dragoons in attackdownload
GB-85I. British infantry 44-th East Essexdownload
GB-86I. Scotland infantry 42-nd Black Watchdownload
GB-87c. 18-th Light Dragoons in attackdownload
GB-88c. 10-th Light Dragoons Prince of Wales Own Royaldownload
GB-89c. Life Guards in attackdownload
GB-121I. 1st Foot Guarddownload
GB-138I Scotland infantry in square and battle 92nddownload
GB-142I British infantry in square and battle 1st Foot Guarddownload
GB-172c 6th Dragoons Inniskilingsdownload
11-c British staffdownload
39-c Horse Guards in attackdownload
56-I Scotland infantrydownload
57-I British infantrydownload
67-I Scotland infantrydownload
68-I English infantrydownload
GB-118I 1st Foot Guarddownload
GB-119I 92 Highlanddownload
GB-131I Scotland infantry in square and battledownload
Holland:NL-151I. Holland army at Waterloodownload
Italy:It-98c Napoleon’s Dragoon download
It-117I Grenadiersdownload
It-127c Hussars of the Libertadownload
It-128I Venice National Guarddownload
It-137c Cizalpine cavalrydownload
It-154c Cizalpine cavalry. Mounted Rifles Regimentsdownload
30-c Honor Guard in attack Smolensk, Borodinodownload
Naples:NA-116c. Naples cavalrydownload
NA-66I. Guard Grenadiersdownload
Poland:33-I 13-th infantry download
34-I 4-th Infantry download
35-I Legion Vistuladownload
NF-75I 1-st Regiment of Legion Vistuladownload
PL-181C Vistula Lancersdownload
Prussia:12-c Hussars in attack 1806 download
13-c Hussars in attack 1812-1815 download
Russia:10-c Russian staff download
36-c Standards of the russian cavalrydownload
42-c Life Guard dragoonsdownload
52-I Russian infantry at Austerlitzdownload
53-c Russian kavalergards at Austerlitzdownload
54-c Life Hussars at Austerlitzdownload
58-c Russian cavalry at battle 1812-1815 download
62-I Russian infantry 1786-1796download
RU-77I 1 & 2 Marine regiments download
RU-78C Foot hussarsdownload
RU-80I Russian drummersdownload
RU-83C Kavalergards and Life Guard Konny regimentsdownload
RU-91I Russian infantry download
Ru-101c Kavalergards at Austerlitz for dioramsdownload
Ru-103I Russian infantry 1796-1801download
Ru-132I Moscow dragoon regiment download
Ru-155c Russian cuirassiers 1812-14 download
Ru-162I Russian Guard infantry download
Ru-165I Russian Guard chasseursdownload
Ru-166I Russian Pavlovski regimentdownload
Ru-167c Russian Kavalergards regiment at paradedownload
Ru-171I Escort of His Imperial Majestydownload
Ru-173c Russian Guard Cossacksdownload
Ru-174I Russian infantry in battle winter uniform download
Ru-182c Russian Guard Cossacks 1805-07 download